We need your help!


Sponsor a station!

Each new node in our network requires equipment, installation, and maintenance that amounts to ~$7-11K, depending on location and existing infrastructure. We are looking for receiver station sponsors! You can contribute to purchase and install equipment in the location we most need one, or you can sponsor a station on land you own.

Adopt ​a bird!

Each tag that we deploy on a bird costs ~$200 and lasts about a year. The target numbers of birds we tag will depend on the goals of each specific study. However, for most projects, we anticipate a minimum of 60 individuals per species. For now, we need to purchase tags for a pilot study to determine the post-breeding movements and molt locations of Grasshopper Sparrows.  

Help with the research wherever it is needed most!

As the network is bui​lt out, we anticipate maintenance costs involving replacement parts, travel within the state to tower locations, and other miscellaneous costs. Any contribution made by clicking the links will take you to the KSU, ESU, or PSU Foundations and to a fund designated for use on this project. A small (5% at KSU, others TBD) amount is deducted to manage these funds. However, donations made here will be tax deductible. Any donations made to this fund will help us do our jobs most efficiently. 

Help in other ways!

Got an idea of how you would like to contribute in other ways? We'd like to hear from you! Send us an email!

How to donate:

Currently, we have accounts set up through both the K-State and Emporia State foundations. You may mail a cheque directly to either of these (please write on the check "Kansas Motus" and enclose your name, contact info, and any additional instructions you might have), or you may donate safely though the online portals by clicking one of the buttons below.

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